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jason-wiles-300Hey I am Jason, and thanks for joining us at Zephyr SEO.

I am a bit of an SEO addict, so you could say I know what I am doing. Living and breathing the stuff is perhaps not healthy, but it makes for a good business!

I started learning about SEO back in the good old days, when it was easy to rank things, but nowadays it is a lot harder.

More About Me

I come from Philadelphia originally, but now live downtown in NYC. Life is of course a bit more hectic here in the big apple, but I have to say I love it.

I get to visit my family and friends in Philly of course, as it is not that far away, but I prefer living in a bigger city where a lot more is going on, especially in the tech scene.

Body Building and Fitness

When I am not deeply immersed in SEO and the tech world (sometimes 12 hours a day on my computer!) I also spend way too much time at the gym.

That means training, fitness, and body building. Which also takes a toll on my time and body.

The main thing is eating enough to keep my body and mind going, and the obsession with always growing those muscles.

You may or may not have experienced or seen that, but it involves a lot of protein intake. Which is another topic I can spend hours talking about.

The main thing to focus on is finding the right protein. You know, protein shakes, nuts, meat, and all of that stuff.

exo_cacaonut2But lately I have stumbled upon some great new food tech in the form of insect protein from crickets. Have you heard about it?

That post I linked to above has some great over all information about it, but you can also just buy products from Exo here in the states

It is really starting to take off, and if you are looking for a complete amino acid or protein that is low in carbs and great for fitness or body building, that is the way to go.

But enough about that, what do we do at Zephyr?

More About Zephyr SEO

At Zephyr we are all about SEO. We love the stuff.

Actually we eat breath and sleep SEO. It is a bit sad really, but the end result is that we love it and we know everything there is to know about SEO.

So if you need some help ranking on Google (or even perhaps Bing) then we are the guys and girls to help you out.

Just head on over to our contact page and send us a message and we will get back to you as quick as jack rabbit.

Or even faster.

Your SEO will be in good hands and then you will be at the top of Google!

Amen to that.

Your happy SEO team

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