LeadPages and SEO – Does it Work?

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When you are trying to increase conversions on your website, one of the tools you might try using is conversion rate optimization.

You could add some opt-in forms to your homepage and blog posts, or you could create some specific landing pages to capture leads.

One of the best tools for this kind of things is LeadPages.

By the way, if you need to learn more about this tool, here is a great LeadPages review that provides lots of great information, pricing and tips.

How Can Landing Pages Work With SEO

LeadPages SEO and landing pages

The first decision you need to make is whether or not you even want your landing pages indexed.

If you are driving traffic directly from advertising campaigns like Facebook, Twitter or Google Adwords, then this might not be a great idea.

The content on the lead pages might not be worthy of indexing if you are only capturing email addressed.

On the other hand, if you are using such tools as LeadPages to create sales pages or other useful content, then SEO might be worth considering.

Luckily great tools like this have seriously considered this in their creation, and are fully SEO compliant.

They have the fields you need to fill in to do perfect SEO, so that is not concern at all.

Of course, if you are using WordPress and including your lead pages that way, you can always use the standard WordPress plugins like Yoast or All in one.

So then you would obviously have no SEO related problems.

Creating a new Website with Leadpages or Launch Pages

Leadpages Launch Page

If you are just starting out and have not yet created a complete website or found a place to host it, a tool like LeadPages can also save the day.

You can create coming soon landing pages and also get those indexed with Google too. Great for SEO, even if you don’t have a website yet.

Of course, you need to purchase your domain name from somewhere like NameCheap or GoDaddy, so that you are not using the generated subdomain that LeadPages provides:


This would obviously not help your SEO and getting started. So please at the very least, go out and get your own domain name, even if you are not ready for the investment or hosting of website.

In the future, once you have the time and money, you can then go out and develop your website, and your domain will already be available in Google and starting to earn some SEO.

Working with External Tools for Websites

So in general when we are talking about on page SEO you need to be careful what exactly you have control over when you are using external tools like these.

But if you go with a well developed tool and a professional company that understands the importance of SEO elements within the site and pages, then you should have no problems at all.

Making sure that this is the case though is something that only you can do. Once you have paid for the tool, and perhaps used it extensively, it will be too late to roll everything back without losing something.

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