The Most Effective SEO in 2014

In this post I am going to tell you about the most effective techniques for SEO in 2014

SEO in 2014 has turned into something completely different to what SEO was back in past years.

If you have been in SEO for a while you will know that it is SEO is constantly changing. In fact, some say that it is changing rapidly due to such factors as Google algorithm changes, which are rolled out sometimes on a weekly basis.

So if you’re looking to get high search results for your website and its pages, you really need to stay updated on the latest SEO techniques.

With that being said, this article will look into the top SEO techniques any webmaster can use for their website.

Black Hat is Out

black hat seoSEO in 2014 is a lot different than before. Many people used to use lots of black hat techniques in order to rank their pages.

Such black hat techniques as:

  • large link spamming
  • keyword stuffing
  • blog comment spamming
  • guest post spamming

do not work at all now. Even worse, using practices such as link spamming will often get your website penalized and even sandboxed by Google. This means they will rank you lower, or even de-index you. Something you definitely don’t want.

Thus, it is important to stay away from such black hat techniques if you want to make sure that your website stays safe for years to come.

Private Blog Networks Are In

One of the top SEO techniques right now is to build your own private blog network, or to hire someone else’s private blog network services. By using a private blog network, you allow yourself to get the largest amount of link juice from your personally owned websites. It’s known that Google likes website links from inside an article far more than any other type of link.

Building a private blog network is actually a very long and pain staking process. You will have to get a lot of expired domains with good PR and PA and then turn them into legitimate websites. Once you have got the websites up and running you need to update the website with articles that contain links back to your money site, making sure the anchor text contains a variation of the keyword you’re trying to rank for. Although it is a long process, private blog networks are by far one of the best techniques to use for SEO in 2014.

Blog Commenting Still Works

Another great technique any webmaster can use to rank their website is by using blog commenting. I am not talking about automated blog commenting, as that kind of thing will definitely hurt your website rankings.

What I am really talking about  is blog commenting manually on very relevant websites in your particular niche.

It’s also important to establish a personal connection with many of your competitors and or peers. Because these connections with pay off in the long run when they start linking to you because they know and trust what you blog about.

I have manually commented on many of my competitors websites with lots of positive and helpful messages. Sooner or later the webmaster of these bloggers became friendly towards me and even started linking back to my site.

So the positive result: I also got the link juice from a relevant blog comment, I also got a link from a competitor in my niche.

This is a top overlooked technique for SEO, and I highly recommend anyone to do this.

Relevant Directories are Still Ok

Something else small business or local business should still be doing is putting entries in relevant directories for their business.

Google sees this as a common and worthwhile thing to be doing.

However, do not over do this technique, because like anything SEO related, you will get slapped and lose rankings.

Be Careful Out There

These are only a few the tops highly relevant SEO techniques you can use for SEO in 2014.

Make sure that you always stay up to date on Google algorithm changes and act accordingly so you don’t get penalized and continue to make money from your website!