SEO Techniques For Your Blog

Google and SEO

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the best techniques you can use to rank your page highly on the Google SERPS.

Rest assured I have tried and tested all of them, and have figured out what SEO techniques truly work in boosting your blogs ranking.

Many people seem to be making the mistake of using SEO techniques that were used back in 2008 for today.

This is a really bad move as SEO techniques used in 2008 will often result in your page getting penalized, not boosted.

As such, I’ve created this article to inform you on the best SEO techniques you can use ñ that actually works!

Youtube Will Rank You Well

First of all, many people don’t realize how pivotal YouTube can be for boosting your sites Google rankings.

If you haven’t heard already, Google owns YouTube. And it is a known fact that having even one YouTube video in an article or on your site will boost your rankings significantly.

So if you create a YouTube channel dedicated to your website and fill it with great content, you will see a huge increase in rankings and organic traffic that comes with it.

Yes, it’s a lot of effort; however the effort you put in will allow you to get greatly rewarded with a rise in rankings. One that most people could never imagine.

Here are some specific tips that you might want to try:

Private Blog Networks

Another technique which is known to be one of the best in terms of boosting rankings is using a private blog network. Using PBNs is known to allow you to essentially manage your links with a few clicks.

What you do in a PBN is create a bunch of websites and link the articles that they contain to your money site (which is your most important site).

Doing solely this will allow you to get a very nice boost in rankings, however there is even more you can do. So please read on…

If you’re looking to really use the PBN route, you need to go and buy relevant expired domains for your niche.

This means you will have to buy an expired domain which is relevant to your niche and also has a high page rank and domain authority.

Buying such a domain will definitely set you back up to $100 or more, however building a site on these expired domains means that you are essentially creating a authority site that will be used purely to link to your websites.

Having such a site will greatly improve your rankings in such ways that any other method cannot hope to match.

You Need More Sites To Rank

Having just one site in your PBN however won’t change many things. The key to most SEO techniques is by having sheer numbers.

Thus, the more sites you have in your PBN, the greater the impact you will see in your websites SERPS.

It’s a good rule of thumb that for every 10 sites linking in your PBN you will be able to get one low competition keyword to the front page of Google.

This is a very good deal, especially if you are trying to rank for relatively low competition, high CPC keywords.

These SEO techniques are a few of the best techniques you can use to boost your blogs Google rankings.

Feel free to use these techniques as much as you want, and please report back if they help you reach page one of Google!