Video Can Improve Your SEO

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video-seoOne of the most mysterious things about SEO to some people is that video can improve your SEO in amazing ways.

I know many people do not believe me when I talk about this, so in this blog post I am going to explain to you the many ways that video can help your website’s SEO or help you rank in Google in general.

Videos and SEO

Just by producing a video for your website you can improve the SEO enormously. Sounds crazy I know.

In fact, if you need some video marketing ideas check out this post with some great tips for your next video production.

But here is the thing. Google likes to display videos in the top ten of many search results, so why not have that video be yours.

You just need to produce a compelling video and do the standard on page SEO you would for any video and you can rank on Google in no time.

The video you produce and the keywords that you target are obviously an important factor, because you cannot rank for very competitive words just because you have a video. But it certainly can help.

YouTube Videos and SEO

As you might be aware, Google owns Youtube. In fact it was one of the biggest and most successful purchases they have made in their history, after conquering online advertising.

Another important thing you might be aware of as well is that Youtube is one of the world’s biggest search engine. And we are not talking about discovering videos on Google, but Youtube’s private search.

So by having your videos on Youtube you can get people to your website by getting found on Youtube’s search.

But what is also interesting is that quite often, Google will not only feature video in the top 10 of their search results, but they will prefer to feature videos hosted on Youtube.

After all, they own Youtube as we just discussed. So it kinda makes sense to have a link between their different divisions.

How can you leverage this fact?

Start hosting some of your videos on Youtube. Even if you are having trouble competing for s specific keyword in Google, if you can instead get a youtube video to rank highly (hopefully number one) then perhaps you can get it into the top ten search results as well. Just because it is on Youtube. Fantastic right?

Other SEO Factors

Google is also favoring interactive websites with a lot of visuals today because they hold people’s attention.

So it also pays to have not only amazing visuals (graphics, images etc) but also video. As often as you can in your blog posts, or product pages. Put a video in there, and Google will look favorably on you. Trust me, It is worth a shot.


So now you know the many ways that SEO is affected by Video. Creating your own video, having a video on your blog post or hosting a video on Youtube are all options that can help you improve your rankings and SEO in general.

So why not get started with video today and see what a difference it can make to your website’s SEO.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them in the comments below or of course get in touch via our contact page.

Jason Wiles

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